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Principal Technologies: Building an Investment Portfolio of Disruptive Healthcare Technology Companies

Principal Technologies (TSXV:PTEC) focuses on investing in life-saving and life-improving healthcare technologies and innovations. The company intends to invest in private healthcare technology companies in Europe and bring them to the North American marketplace to benefit from the region’s higher valuation of med-tech companies.

The company has a highly experienced leadership team including Jerry Trent, a highly accomplished international investment banker and portfolio manager; Prince Alfred of Liechtenstein, a senior member of the Liechtenstein family; Dr. Gerald Rainer, former CEO of Switzerland’s largest and most prestigious asset management company; and Dr. Ivo Ivanovski, former European IT Minister and currently CEO of Telekom Austria Group’s Tower Co.

Principal increases shareholder value by steadily growing the company’s financial performance, and paying off debt with improved cash flows and new equity when capital markets are advantageous.

Over the next 12 months, the company plans to acquire a private healthcare technology company, which will substantially transform its operations and provide it with a platform for growth.

Company Highlights

Principal Technologies is a healthcare technologies investor targeting leading and proven European healthcare technologies.Principal drives value in its investments by purchasing them at a discount in the EU and exposing them to the North American market, which offers significantly higher valuations for healthcare technology companies.The company is managed, directed and advised by a group of incredibly experienced entrepreneurs and investors, all of whom maintain close industry connections in the EU.When acquiring a new target, Principal’s first step is to ensure an equity control position. It will typically finance the acquisition through a combination of debt and equity, accessing major EU funds when financing leveraged buyouts.Principal has implemented multiple checks, balances and strategies to reduce and manage risk, including:Maintaining profit-oriented compensation plans to incentivize performance.Maintaining strict capital allocation at the corporate level.Ensuring a margin of safety compared to intrinsic value in negotiating its acquisition prices.Principal exclusively seeks managers and advisors who will allow it to broaden its competitive advantage, expand its operations and support international expansion.

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